The Truth About Factory Farming

The High Cost of Cheap Meat and Dairy Products

CAFOINFO.COM is dedicated to informing the public about contained or concentrated animal feeding operations.
Commonly known as CAFOs, these industrialized livestock factories produce huge quantities of food and yield hefty profits.

However, consumers of meat and dairy products may be unaware of the real truth behind the mega farm-to-table foods they eat.
C.A.F.O. owners, who claim they are simply “feeding a hungry world”, are doing so at the expense of our health, environment and quality of life.
For a few, CAFOs are big business, for the masses, CAFO’s are huge problems.
Please educate yourself about C.A.F.O.’s. and the inherent dangers they pose to mankind and our planet.

Aerial view of Valley Oaks Steak Co. feedlot and slaughterhouse located east of Kansas City in Johnson County, Mo. Over 800 residences are located within a 3 mile radius of this facility. Currently, up to 999 head of cattle are being raised in confinement.
Rich Sugg

Trailer for new Right To Harm video

Through the riveting stories of 5 rural communities across the country, RIGHT TO HARM exposes the devastating impact of factory farming on citizens throughout the United States. This award winning documentary chronicles the failures of state agencies to regulate industrial animal agriculture. Fed up with the lack of regulation, these disenfranchised citizens band together to demand justice from their legislators.

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